I had a small participation on this film, developing the T-Rex Rig. Diretor: Pedro Becker Produtora: Fat Bastards Agência: Africa Anunciante: Vivo Efeitos: Nash / IWs / Vetor


In my third feature film, I was responsible for 15 character rigs in all. Among these 4 main characters, and 5 generic chars, (It can be done more than 10 different characters with a one rig. ) For now I can not put anything here. But I’ll leave the link START ANIMA, the production company that […]


After a long time, I decided to update a little my blog with some more recent works worth posting. This job was made in a short time, we have a seven vehicles. But i´ll show only 3 on this video. They had to use according to the accident. Cloth various studies have been made to […]


. Full Movie – (watch in full screen) . Pedro Conti Character Look Dev . Pedro Conti Environment . Well this project have a great affection not only for learning, but the strength of the team. All the artists are really committed to doing an amazing job, and the result could not be different I would […]


  I was responsible for all Character rigs, I did nothing special .. but i liked the final result! I hope you enjoy.     The crew! Client: US Cellular Agency: Mullen Produced and Directed by Roof Studio Mullen: Chief Creative Officer: Mark Wenneker Executive Creative Director: Dave Weist/Tim Vaccarino Creative Director: Rob Kottkamp Creative Director: John […]


On this work, we recreate a human hand. No doubt is a big challenge  this type of work when it involves rigid parts and flexible at the same time … The 3D hand was made with two purposes, for the film and prints, is always a big challenge the fine skin of detail. I hope you like🙂   […]


Este foi um projeto atípico, tivemos pouco tempo como sempre, e o objetivo principal era deixar o rig o mais clean possível, para otimizar todo o processo. acho que na minha parte de rigging eu tive basicamente 2 dias para cada personagem, sim foi loucura. Mas como todo bom projeto, no meio sai sangue mas o […]


Hello folks! I had the pleasure of participating in the third edition of BrazilMag, a magazine specialized in Computer Graphics in general! I was interviewed by Fellipe Beckman, really nice guy and directly responsible for Brazil Digital Mag sucess. I will provide pictures of the interview below, but I suggest you do the download of […]


. . Full Comercials @spyxx – Twitter🙂 For more info about Jonathan Post ( jonathanpost.com/ ) – Brilux Director Luis Carone Trabalho incrível do Fabrício Torres de modelagem ( fabriciotorres.wordpress.com/portfolio/ ) ( Modeler ) E nem se fala do Render do Fagmario ( fagmario.com/site/ ) (Render/Shader) (All Credit below) Jonathan – VFX Breakdown Fiquei muito surpreso e empolgado quando […]


Full Commercial ( https://vimeo.com/79840048 ) Jonathan – VFX Breakdown For more details about Jonathan Post ( http://www.jonathanpost.com/ ) – Itau – Crianças 2013 —– Neste trabalho usamos os Modelos feitos no ano de 2012 —[eng] In this job was used two models made in the past year (2012) Rei Sapo by Pedro Conti ( http://www.pedroconti.com/ ) Lobo […]