Hi all,

My main objective was to study deformations of eyes and follow Lid with deformations samples.
A pity that the main commercial, there was no time to have more facial scenes well animated. The period was too short to complete delivery of the film.

But it was worth a lot by studying these characters gave me.


meu objetivo principal foi estudar deformações de olhos.
Uma pena que no comercial principal, não houve tempo de ter mais cenas faciais bem animadas. O prazo estava muito curto para a entrega total do filme.

Mas valeu muito pelo estudo que estes personagens me proporcionaram.


– Soft Jaw
– Eye Volume Controls

On WIP project

Motorcycle Rig

Filme completo

For more consulado informations – – MTV Verão 2013


MTV VERÃO 2013 Intro
Client: MTV Brasil / Beto Shibata
Director: Consulado
Creative Direction: Andre Fiorini
Design Direction: Boca Ceravolo
Art Direction: Andre Fiorini / Boca Ceravolo
Animation Direction: Andre Fiorini / Boca Ceravolo
Design: Henrique Folster
Concepts / Character Design: Anna Caiado
Executive Producer / Head of Production: André Fiorini / Boca Ceravolo
3D Cameras: Andre Fiorini, Fernando Donizetti
Lead 3D / Technical Director: Sergio Rocha
3D Modeling: Alex Liki, Sergio Rocha, Vander Zafa
Rigging: Wesley Schneider
Shading, lighting, rendering: Vander Zafa
Texturing: Boca Ceravolo, Sergio Rocha, Andre Fiorini
Matte painting: Anna Caiado
VFX: Consulado
3D Animation: Fernando Donizetti, Gabriel Costa Rodrigues, Jason Oliveira
2D animation, Motion Graphics: Flavio Bernardes de Paula, Daniel TresD
Compositing: Marco Wey
Production: Mayra Sigwalt, Chrissie Tavares
Audio: Cypheraudio
Produced by: Consulado


I really LOVED this!



Wesley Schneider

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