Free Rig – Flour Sack (2013)

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Maya 2012

———————————————— @spyxx

I made a 1 year ago and now i decided put for free download, i hope you will enjoy. 🙂

If you have animations for show me(with this rig), i´ll be very grateful see and post on my website on this rig session!
Please, send me to If you have any considerations on this rig.. please, send me too.



Este é um Rig que fiz a um tempo, e resolvi coloca-lo free agora para quem quiser fazer animações e treinar skills de volume, peso e acting!! E se for possível creditar agradeço. Ou até se quiser me enviar as animação feitas com ele será um prazer ve-las!

Enviar para, quelo coloca-las todas no post do Rig no

Por favor, se tiverem considerações ou detectar Bugs, será um prazer receber email com os apontamentos! Assim que eu voltar a pegar o projeto faço o fix!

Obrigado a todos e espero que gostem!

Disney Flour Sacktwist




8 thoughts on “Free Rig – Flour Sack (2013)

  1. Hello Wesley.

    I would like to try your rig but the download link has been suspended. I hope you could reupload the rig again. I would like to try it.

    Thank you.

  2. Hi, I loved the way it looks! its the best flour sack rig for maya out there but for some reason I cant open the file. My maya 2012 crashes when I open the rig. says “Run time error”
    please help, I want this rig. I love it.

  3. I recently downloaded your rig and it works great! I can tell is a very ,very good rig. There is no joints, how did you do it? Did you apply clusters to the vertices? How did you came up with that stretch and conserving the volume while you stretch it? I’m amazed
    Thank you

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