TNT -TheKumite(2016)

., Commercial, Favorite, Rigging

On this char, i did all the muscle System, was incredible work on

Muscle system working


Client: TNT
Agency: Young & Rubican
Direction: Boca Ceravolo & André Holzmeister
Production company: TheKumite

Production Company: The Kumite
Direction: Andre Holzmeister, Boca Ceravolo
Executive Producer: Fernanda Geraldini
Head of Visual Art: Gotacx
Producer: Tize Novaes
Editing: Bruno Evangelista, Boca Ceravolo
Post-Production: The Kumite
Post-Production Supervisor: Vanderlei Santana
Art Direction: André Holzmeister, Boca Ceravolo
Design: João Lavieri, Guilherme Marques
Storyboard: Fernando Merlo
2D animation: Rafael Araújo
Motion Design, Compositing: Daniel Rodrigues, Rafael Araújo, Matteus Faria, Leandro Spaletta
Modelling: André Holzmeister, Diego Esteves, Leo Sakamoto
Rigging: Wesley Schneider
3D Animation: Fernando Donizetti, Henrique Montanari
Lighting, Shading: Diego Esteves
Render: Diego Esteves e Henrique Montanari

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