O Boticário – Dopo 2019

., Animation, Commercial, Favorite, Rigging


Character Rigging / Muscles / Skin Simulation







Breakdown soon


Ficha técnica
Anunciante: O Boticário
Produto: quasar brave
Duração: 120” | 60” | 30”
Título: primeira palestra | segredinho
Agência: f/nazca saatchi & saatchi
Direção geral de criação: fabio fernandes
Direção de criação: pedro prado | rodrigo castellari
Criação: charles faria | andre fukumoto
Atendimento: ricardo forli | antônio salgueiro | larissa moreira | aline pacheco | nathalia marchi
Mídia: mauricio almeida | luana gallizzi | marcela celestrino | mariana gentil
Planejamento: rita almeida | ligia paes de barros | fernanda neves | vitor coelho | julia pires
Rtv: elucieli nascimento | fernanda sousa | guiliano springhetti | henrique tupã | rafael paes | rosana sallum | victor alloza
Produtora do filme:  iconoclast
Direção de cena: ian ruschel
Direção de arte cena: guilherme marini
Direção de fotografia: agustin claramunt
Produção executiva: gregory bogossian | henrique danieletto | alonso sperb
Montagem: jair peres
Pós produção/finalização: dopo vfx
Produtora de som: supersonica
Maestro: antonio pinto | gabriel ferreira
Aprovação cliente: alexandre gasula bouza | cristiane irigon amaral | bruna perussolo | heloisa althoff souza | luceli miola | chris rossi | izabella franceschi | maria augusta ramos may correa

MPC – The Walmart Box | Dee Rees – 2018

., Animation, Commercial, Rigging


lot of automatic eyes 🙂


Some mentions:








Saatchi & Saatchi

Director & Writer

Dee Rees

Production Company

Anonymous Content

Executive Creative Directors

Wayne Best, Alex Lea

Saatchi & Saatchi

Chief Creative Officer

Javier Campopiano

Director of Integrated Production

Jenny Read

Executive Producers

Dean Shoukas, Diane Burton, Zamile Vilakazi

Business Managers

Susan Schaefer, Cristina Mattson

Managing Partner

Beth Waxman-Arteta

Senior Account Director

Angela Brown

Account Executive

Jessica Shapiro

Anonymous Content

Managing Director

Eric Stearn

Executive Producer

Lori Stonebraker

Head of Production

Kerry Haynie

Production Supervisor

Ena Nic


Exile NY


Shane Reid

Producer (NY)

Vietan Nguyen

Producer (LA)

Brittany Carson



Managing Director

Camila De Biaggi

Executive Producer

Matthew Loranger


Sandra Eklund, Sanchit Soi

Production Assistant

Jessica Rowley

Creative Director

Alvin Cruz

VFX Supervisors

Vadim Turchin, Eric Robertson

2D Leads

Rob Walker, Iain Murray

3D Leads

Vadim Turchin, Mike Little, Tiago Dias

2D Team

Tobey Lindback, Renato Carone, Adam Yost, Alejandro Taylor, Giulia Bartra, Guillaume Weiss, Vivek Tekale, S. Samson Samuel, Ragesh R, Sreejimol CP, R Vignesh, Partha Pratim Chakraborty

3D Team

Tiago Dias, Alejandro Echeverry, Jimmy San, Mike Lombardo, Madeline Jackson, Graeme Revell, Jacob Fradkin, Zhao Wang, Francisco Fraga, Jemmy Molero, Roberto Maki, Wesley Schneider, Sue Jang, Jamie German, Michael Marsek, David Bryan, Neil Miller, Justin Braun, Flavia Minnone, Matthew Gifford, Morten Solgaard, Simon Legrand, Tushar Kewlani, Parineeta Jasiwal, Jyoti Prakash Panda, Pritesh Krishnappa Kotian, Kalaiarasu P, SelvaKumar k, Bakiyaraj P, Vamsi Krishna, Sachin Sureshrao Dhapudkar, Shristi Sanyal


Olivier Silven, Tyler Gibb, Roger Hom, Edvin Cindrak




Houmam Abdallah

Color Assistant

Tanner Hladek

Executive Producer, Color

Meghan Lang

Producer, Color

Rebecca Boorsma, Elyse Robinson

Sound Mix

Harbor Sound


Rob Fernandez

Sound Design

Rob Fernandez, Damian Volpe, Kris Fenske


Ted Hearne




MPC – Gears of War 5 – 2018

., Animation, Favorite, Rigging

I played this game a while ago, I have always followed the evolution of this game. My contribution has always been, “play”, but I never imagined having the opportunity to work and leave some of my art in rigging in a trailer like that. Let’s go MPC team. There are a mix of CG animation/gameEngine on this, made for a few CG companies and The Coalition

game website



MPC – Rigging Bears – (2017)

Animation, Commercial, Favorite, Rigging


Full film



SCANA Energy


JWT Atlanta


Patrick Cummings

Executive Producer

Dan Sormani

Head of Live Action

Ryan Creighton

VFX Producer

Aiste Akelaityte


Sanchit Soi


Ethan Simmons

VFX Supervisor/CG Lead

Tiago Dias

CG Team

Graeme Revell, Jacob Fradkin, Madeline Jackson, Mike Lombardo, Ankan Sanyal, Monica Manalo, Liz Martin, Roberto Maki, Jamie German, Alain Cisneros, Zhao Wang, Jemmy Molero, Wesley Schneider

VFX Supervisor/2D Lead

Tamir Sapir


Mazyar Sharifian, Giulia Bartra

Storyboard & Design

Roger Hom, Daniel Uribe

Roto & Matchmove

D. Venkatesan, Anbarasu E, Baskaran S, Jayadeep Chandran, SelvaKumar k, Sourodeep Dey, Ullas Thunga, Craig Savio Padua, Pritesh Krishnappa, Ankit Dheraj Toppo, Mohammad Qasim, Shaik Abdul Rahim, Shristi Sanyal, Sindhuja B, Sravan Kumar, Suhas Bhat, R Vignesh, Bibin Balan P

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DOLMEN project – 2016

Animation, Rigging

I had the pleasure of working on the rigging of this project, I worked along with the whole talented team, my work was concentrate on the main character and the villains. Rigging setup for MOCAP up to a game engine.


Dolmen kickstarter






WCFF – DDB New York – Zombie(2016)

., Animation, Commercial, Favorite, Rigging

On this beautifull movie, I was responsable for the stork rigging.

More informations on adweek


Client: Wildlife Conservation Film Festival (WCFF)
Christopher J. Gervais, F.R.G.S. – Founder & CEO

Agency – DDB New York
Chief Creative Officer – Icaro Doria
Creative Director – Thiago Carvalho
Head of Art / Creative Director – Bruno Oppido
ACD (Art Director) – Guilherme Rácz
ACD (Copywriter) – Lucas Casão
Head of Production – Ed Zazzera
Senior Producer – Amanda Van Caneghem
Senior Account Executive – Matthew Leach
Music/Talent Manager – Linda Bres

Music & Sound Design
“I Dreamed A Dream” by Alain Boublil, Claude-Michel Schonberg, Jean-Marc Natel and Herbert Kretzmer
Music, Sound Design and Final Mix by Mophonics

Animation Production:
Directed by Zombie Studio
Executive Producers: Natália Gouvea, Paulo Garcia

Trojan Horse was Unicorn – Horse/Warrior – TechoImage

Animation, Favorite, Rigging


Full Movie – (watch in full screen)


Pedro Conti Character Look Dev


Pedro Conti Environment


Well this project have a great affection not only for learning, but the strength of the team. All the artists are really committed to doing an amazing job, and the result could not be different
I would like to thank especially these guys down here, they gave me the support to do this work. No doubt it was a great challenge for me and my career.
Not to mention of course with the support of the Rodnei and general galley TechnoImage. I think one of the biggest studios focused on quality here in Brazil.

Thank you guys.







Production Company: Techno Image

Executive Producer: Rodnei Bassani
Original Idea: Tiago Hoisel
Directors: Pedro Conti and Tiago Hoisel
Art Director: Lucas Leibholz
Animation Director: Derek Henriques
Line Producer: Derek Henriques and Rodnei Bassani
Character and Environment Design: Tiago Hoisel, Lucas Leibholz, Pedro Conti, Saulo Brito and Alexandre Assumpção
Storyboards: Lucas Leibholz
Animatic: Derek Henriques, Tiago Hoisel, Fernando Peque and Alexandre Assumpção
Color Key: Lucas Leibholz and Fernando Peque
Photography Direction: Pedro Conti
CG Supervisor: Pedro Conti
Character Modeling: Pedro Conti and Victor Hugo Queiroz
Additional Character Sculpting: Mariano Steiner
Environment Modeling: Pedro Conti, Gabriel Belluco, Hernan Zuniga and Alexandre Assumpção.
Texturing,Shading, Lighting and Rendering: Pedro Conti
Animation: Derek Henriques, Avner Engel, Daniel Harman, Alex Orrelle and Bruno Fogaça and Richard Kazuo.
Pipeline and tools: Richard Kazuo
Rigging: Wesley Schneider and Richard Kazuo
Hair: Rouhollah Toghyani and Pedro Conti
Dynamics: Richard Kazuo, Anders Håkansson and Michel Zigaib
Post-Production: Pedro Conti and Tiago Hoisel
Audio: Punch Áudio
Creation: Cristiano Pinheiro, Mariano Alvarez e Gabriel Duarte
Production: Cristiano Pinheiro
Sound Design: Cristiano Pinheiro e Mariano Alvarez
Foley: Cristiano Pinheiro /Fred Aragoni
Voice: Denis Garcia
Musicians: Nicolay Genov (Horn), Cristiano Pinheiro e Gabriel Duarte (Orchestral samplers) e Mariano Alvarez (Percussion)
Customer service: Bruna Trentin
Coordination: Cristiane Oliveira
Story Consultant: Scott Ross
Animation Consultant: Andrew Schmidt
Rendered with: Maxwell Render
Render Management: Deadline Render Management System
Color Grading: Psycho’n Look
Special Thanks:
Guilherme Proença, André Paixão, Olov Burman, Calle Halldin, Michael Bengtsson, Mihai ILiuta and Atila Akin.