LINO – Feature Film – Start Anima (2015)

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In my third feature film, I was responsible for 15 character rigs in all. Among these 4 main characters, and 5 generic chars, (It can be done more than 10 different characters with a one rig. ) For now I can not put anything here. But I’ll leave the link START ANIMA, the production company that is behind this film is getting very good.



Super Pai – Feature Film (2015)

Feature film, Rigging

This feature film was incredible and fast work on, I was responsable for the Shark Rigging. PSD and some interesting things on. You can see more here on this InstaPost.


Full Trailer


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Realistic Rigging – Muscle(2012)

Favorite, Feature film, Rigging

This is a project I cannot show in its entirety, but basically it is a very complex character I made for for a VFX Studio some time ago, to be used on a feature film. I will show some small details on how I solved some situations to make the Character rigging more refined and realistic.

I really enjoyed doing it. It was completed in six days (body and face) in my free time after normal business hours.

Hope you enjoy.

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Este projeto, ainda não posso mostra-lo 100%, basicamente é um personagem muito complexo que fiz a um tempo para um Longa-Metragem para um estúdio que ainda está por vir.
Vou mostar alguns pequenos detalhes de como resolvi algumas situações do Personagem para deixar o rigging mais refinado e realista.

Gostei bastante de faze-lo, foram 6 dias ao todo trabalhando depois do expediente normal, corporal e facial.

Espero que gostem.

Shoulder Moving
Movimento do Ombro 


Chest Moving
Movimento do Torax  


Lips Rigging Technique with control that sticks to the upper lip at the bottom, giving a greater realism when a character opens and closes the mouth. It can be automatic or manual.
Lips Rigging Technique com controle de Lips que gruda o lábio superior no inferior, dando um realismo maior quando o personagem abre e fecha a boca. Podendo ser automático ou manual. 


Eye Rigging – Control which detects the mesh of the eyelids and eyes, causing the collision between the two result in a more realistic look.
Eye Rigging – Controle que detecta a malha das pálpebras e dos olhos, fazendo a colisão entre os dois resultar em um olho mias realista. 


For Fun

Among several surprises that my friend Maya gave me, I took this to let PrintScreen saved 🙂
Dentre várias surpresas que meu amigo MAYA me deu, tirei este printScreen para deixar guardado 🙂