Trojan Horse was Unicorn – Horse/Warrior – TechoImage

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Pedro Conti Character Look Dev


Pedro Conti Environment


Well this project have a great affection not only for learning, but the strength of the team. All the artists are really committed to doing an amazing job, and the result could not be different
I would like to thank especially these guys down here, they gave me the support to do this work. No doubt it was a great challenge for me and my career.
Not to mention of course with the support of the Rodnei and general galley TechnoImage. I think one of the biggest studios focused on quality here in Brazil.

Thank you guys.







Production Company: Techno Image

Executive Producer: Rodnei Bassani
Original Idea: Tiago Hoisel
Directors: Pedro Conti and Tiago Hoisel
Art Director: Lucas Leibholz
Animation Director: Derek Henriques
Line Producer: Derek Henriques and Rodnei Bassani
Character and Environment Design: Tiago Hoisel, Lucas Leibholz, Pedro Conti, Saulo Brito and Alexandre Assumpção
Storyboards: Lucas Leibholz
Animatic: Derek Henriques, Tiago Hoisel, Fernando Peque and Alexandre Assumpção
Color Key: Lucas Leibholz and Fernando Peque
Photography Direction: Pedro Conti
CG Supervisor: Pedro Conti
Character Modeling: Pedro Conti and Victor Hugo Queiroz
Additional Character Sculpting: Mariano Steiner
Environment Modeling: Pedro Conti, Gabriel Belluco, Hernan Zuniga and Alexandre Assumpção.
Texturing,Shading, Lighting and Rendering: Pedro Conti
Animation: Derek Henriques, Avner Engel, Daniel Harman, Alex Orrelle and Bruno Fogaça and Richard Kazuo.
Pipeline and tools: Richard Kazuo
Rigging: Wesley Schneider and Richard Kazuo
Hair: Rouhollah Toghyani and Pedro Conti
Dynamics: Richard Kazuo, Anders Håkansson and Michel Zigaib
Post-Production: Pedro Conti and Tiago Hoisel
Audio: Punch Áudio
Creation: Cristiano Pinheiro, Mariano Alvarez e Gabriel Duarte
Production: Cristiano Pinheiro
Sound Design: Cristiano Pinheiro e Mariano Alvarez
Foley: Cristiano Pinheiro /Fred Aragoni
Voice: Denis Garcia
Musicians: Nicolay Genov (Horn), Cristiano Pinheiro e Gabriel Duarte (Orchestral samplers) e Mariano Alvarez (Percussion)
Customer service: Bruna Trentin
Coordination: Cristiane Oliveira
Story Consultant: Scott Ross
Animation Consultant: Andrew Schmidt
Rendered with: Maxwell Render
Render Management: Deadline Render Management System
Color Grading: Psycho’n Look
Special Thanks:
Guilherme Proença, André Paixão, Olov Burman, Calle Halldin, Michael Bengtsson, Mihai ILiuta and Atila Akin.


US Cellular – Roof Studio – New York (2014)

Commercial, Favorite, Rigging


I was responsible for all Character rigs, I did nothing special .. but i liked the final result!
I hope you enjoy.




The crew!

Client: US Cellular
Agency: Mullen
Produced and Directed by Roof Studio

Chief Creative Officer: Mark Wenneker
Executive Creative Director: Dave Weist/Tim Vaccarino
Creative Director: Rob Kottkamp
Creative Director: John Kearse
Art Director:Sarah Dudek
Copywriter:  Latasha Ewell
Exec Director of Integrated Production: Liza Near
Group Head Producer: Dan Kaplan
Associate Producer: Caitlan Williams
Business Manager:  Vanessa Fazio
Account Supervisor:  Cameron Burnham
Account Executive: Laura Whedon

Roof Studio:
Creative Directors: Vinicius Costa and Guto Terni
Executive Producer: Crystal Campbell
Producer: Belinda Allen
CG Supervisor: Lucas Ribeiro Fernandes
Design: Vinicius Costa, João Lavieri, Audrey Benjaminsen
Modeling: Marcos Nicacio, Rodrigo Paulichi, Marcos Ribeiro, Alex Liki
Rigging: Wesley Schneider
3D Animation: Aulo Licinio, Henrique Montanari, Lucas Ribeiro
2D Animation Director: Birdo Studio – Paulo Muppet and Luciana Eguti
2D Animation: Rafael Gallardo, Pedro Eboli, Beto Gomes, Thiago Soares, Fernando Finamore
Render: Pedro Kobuti, Vinicius Costa, Tiago Dias.
Compositing: Felipe Machado, Guto Terni, Pedro Kobuti

Rose (Jetsons) Brilux – JonathanPost(2014)

., Animation, Favorite, Python, Rigging


Full Comercials

@spyxx – Twitter 🙂

For more info about Jonathan Post ( ) – Brilux

Director Luis Carone
Trabalho incrível do Fabrício Torres de modelagem ) ( Modeler )

E nem se fala do Render do Fagmario ) (Render/Shader)
(All Credit below)

Jonathan – VFX Breakdown

Fiquei muito surpreso e empolgado quando fui trabalhar neste personagem! A experiência foi incrível. Sentimento único, é como riggar a infância! Recomendo a todos um dia trabalhar, modelar, riggar, animar qualquer personagem que remeta a tua infância!

I was very excited when I was working on this character! The experience was amazing. Feeling is like do rigging on your childhood! I recommend everyone work one day, modeling, rigging or animate any character that refers to your childhood!

Me senti assim 😉
My feeling worink on this 🙂

Enfim, espero que curtam mais este personagem revivido justamente pra ensinar a gente como usar Brilux 😉
Anyway, hope you enjoy this character revived to teach us how to use BRILUX;)

1549378_10203088343593277_528325387_n rosie jetson


Full Credits

Cliente: Brilux
Agência: Grupo Nove Comunicação
Produtora: ParanoidBR
Direção: Luis Carone
Pós-Produção: Jonathan Post
Trilha: Onomatopéia
Daniel Dias – Composition Supervisor and Color Grade
Luis Carone – Director and 3D Supervisor
Rafaela Lopez – Producer Executive
Viviane Torre – Production Coordinator
André Carvalho – Post Coordenator
André Soler – Post Coordenator Assistant
Caique Veloso – Composition and Tracking
Fabio Martins – Lighting and render
Fagmario Gomes – Shaders, textures, lighting and render
Leonardo Augusto – Composition
Narayani Andradre – Composition
Enio Cesar – Color
Fabricio Torres – Model / Rosie
Wesley Schneider – Rigging / Rosie
Yuri Lementy – Animation / Film title: “Radio” and “Box”
Francois Puren – Animation / Film title: “Rain”
Vitor Cervi – Motion Graphics
Ricardo Mantoan – extra lighting and render

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