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MPC – Unleash Apple (2018)

  I worked directly in LA MPC team, to help to create this beautiful commercial for apple. I did all gremlin rigging, using my own muscle system to improve in the viewport for animators and get a better approach for the spot. Teamwork as always. All credits: it’s coming.

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MPC – US Navy – 2017

The US Navy took a unique creative approach to their latest recruitment campaign. These spots feel more like a thrilling movie trailer then your standard recruitment video, yet this is a true depiction of what it takes to join the US Navy. You are no longer seeing people speak about what it means to be […]

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Shadow of War (2017)

Was made 3 more films will be launched soon. More info http://www.moving-picture.com/advertising/work/shadow-of-war-friend-or-foe/ Was my “Welcome job” on MPC NY. When i started in may 17, this job was walking to end, and i worked on Muscles System, Facial rigging, Assets rigging like a armor, dynamic rigging and work on rigging workflow together others awesome artists. Credits […]

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