Talking Head – Kinetic Pixel – Finland(2013)

Trabalho que fiz remotamente com o pessoal muito bacana da Kinetic Pixel!
Rigging facial com controles HUD(HeadUpDisplay)
Trabalhei em conjunto com o MarianoSteiner direcionando os Blends Shapes que eu iria precisar, Também participei na modelagem fazendo alguns Blends de expressões, Blends negativos e corretivos!

I did work remotely with Kinetic Pixel guys!!! Was really nice guys!
Facial rigging with controls (HUD HeadUpDisplay)
I Worked together with MarianoSteiner directing Blends Shapes, I also participated in modeling doing some expressions Blends, Blends negative and correctives Shapes!

Progress Reel + launch event
Progress reel edited by Jose M. Sánchez in collaboration with Alex Alvarez
Music by Tomoyasu Hotei

img4 img3 img2 img6 img5

All Credits

Kinetic Pixel

Production & Management: Markku Louhio and Jose M. Sánchez
Concept Design in collaboration with Alex Alvarez
Rigger: Wesley Schneider
3D model: Mariano Steiner
Animation: Alex Alvarez Castro
Render: Nicola Roversi
Sound Design for the character: Markku Louhio
Voice-Over and video compositing: Tuukka Mielonen

Detective by Krowne
As Colorful As Ever by Broke

Wesley Schneider

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